About Us

Clover Asset Management is an innovative premiere investment management firm serving investors around the world. Headquartered in Georgetown in the Cayman Islands, the firm aims at becoming the premier independent asset management firm in the Caribbean.

Our investment philosophy reflects a practical, common-sense approach that has been refined with many years of experience. These are certain principles that we strongly embrace and influence the way we manage investments.

Our motto: Forward Thinking

The Managing Director:

Eric St-Cyr, a native of the Province of Quebec in Canada, formed Clover Asset Management in 2007 out of his belief that no firm meets the needs of the Institutional and Private Wealth clients in the Caribbean today. The product lines offered by the competitors are to onerous, present poor performance or are poorly serviced. Eric believes that the key drivers to grow the business are to provide Expertise, Freedom and Peace of mind to the investor.

Before founding Clover Asset Management, Eric was the General Manager of Guardian Asset Management where he led the management of 10 mutual funds, providing the Trinidadian investor with impressive performance. Eric brings considerable experience in asset management. He is a former Senior Vice President of CIBC/ TAL Global Asset Management, one of the largest asset management firms in Canada with assets under management exceeding $60 Billion US.

Earlier in his career, Eric spent a number of years leading TAL Cayman Islands office as Managing Director, where he was responsible for the portfolio management and growth of the business.

Eric brings to Clover Asset Management over 20 years of experience in the global financial markets, both in Canada and abroad.

Eric St-Cyr
Chief Executive Officer
Clover Asset Management Limited
P.O. Box 10220
Cayman Islands
Off: 345-947-0005
Cell: 345-926-0005
Fax: 345-949-0005
Email: eric@Clover.ky
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